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New to Masonry?

There are many things it would be good to know about Masonry, and it takes a while to get a grasp of what it is all about. That is largely due to the tradition of secrecy within this ancient society. Yet even so, it does exist and act in the present world, so it is all understandable to anyone who wants to know.

Even brothers who have been Masons for many long years will occasionally discover something within this craft that had been covered by the mists of time. Those bits from the early days of Masonry can still stir that wonderful feeling of what it was like when everything was fresh and new. 

Whether you are new to Masonry or have been around the track many times, you are likely to find something here that is intriguing. Feel free to share what you know also. Many others already have, as you will soon see.

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Nothing like degrees to bring brothers together.   

[re: Civil War Brotherhood]

-- Gary, Los Angeles

Great books. One of the best is The Craft and Its Symbols.

[re: Masonic Books]

-- Mike C, Ohio

I would like some articles on the philosophical meanings of Freemasonry

-- Simon O, Aruba


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Rare Masonic Books:

    The Alexander Collection

You have to see this! The first American edition of William Preston's "Illustrations of Masonry" (1804) and other rare books emerge from a private collection.  Includes ritual books in Masonic cipher.

Civil War Friendship 

The Friend to Friend Masonic Memorial at Gettysburg shows mortally-wounded Confederate Brigadier General Lewis Addison Armistead being comforted by Union Captain Henry H. Bingham. Both men were Masons.....

Freemasons' History 

An overview of Freemasonry's history from Solomon's Temple to the 1700s and up to today.

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Buffalo Bill Cody, Mason and Frontiersman

Knights Templar - Intriguing New Discoveries

Early American Freemasonry in Massachusetts and Ohio

Stonemasons and Operative Masonry Today

Medieval Knights and Freemasonry

We have been told that Masonry is not connected to Medieval knights, but recent evidence may cause us to take a second look. The knightly degrees now seem to be taking on new meaning....

York Rite Jewels and Insignia

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Here is a collection of the best books on Free- masonry as voted by our readers.

A list of the latest books on Freemasonry, which include reprints of old classics as well as interesting new works.



For a comprehensive list of the authors who have provided our information about internal workings of Freemasonry today and in the distant past....

Allen E. Roberts

Born in Pawtucket, R.I. on October 11 in 1917, Allen served in World War II aboard the U.S.S. Alabama in the Atlantic and Pacific. Upon his discharge from the U.S. Navy in 1946 he settled in Highland Springs, Virginia, and became active in Freemasonry....

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Masons in Ancient Greece

Did you know that Socrates was a stonemason? That was his day job while he was a philosopher at night. That's only one of many fascinating things you discover in the new book Ancient Athens: Five Intriguing Lives. 

As Freemasons we remember the masonry styles of ancient Greece (Corinthian, Ionic, etc) but we don't see that much about the people. This book gives you everything you want to know about their famous people and epic events. It's an enjoyable read, with 66 illustrations. See details at Amazon.

Old Time Freemasonry 

Some interesting thoughts on ways to reinvigorate Freemasonry by using Old Time Freemasonry are explored in this article and book. See Old Time Freemasonry here.


. . . to this collection of sources, books and articles that explore Freemasonry's practices, lodges, brotherhood -- and the history of how they came about. Here we focus on the actual people and events that caused Masonry to grow into the world's oldest and largest fraternity.

History and Tradition

Most of Freemasonry's known history occurred after its emergence into public view during 1717 in English taverns. Before that time we mostly have colorful Masonic traditions such as the one saying that Adam must have been part of Freemasonry in the Garden of Eden.

These traditions have a treasured position in the allegories that suggest how to live a good life. Yet to really know what Freemasonry is all about, and why its rituals and practices contain so many hidden meanings, we need to know more about what happened in those days. It is a wonderful, rich and fascinating field, and we explore it all here.

Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia

by Henry Wilson Coil

This remarkable encyclopedia was was first printed in 1961, then updated in 1995. Here we see a comparison of Coil's to the other available encyclopedias on Freemasonry....

Sworn in Secret Book Review

Origin of Freemasonry

Solomon's Temple  

Masons Vatican 



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