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Allen E. Roberts

His Bio and Books


The many books and writings of Allen E. Roberts helped to shape the Masonic experience of countless Masons, as well as introducing compelling images of this diverse fraternity to people not familiar with the craft. Among the evidence of his influence was the renaming of the library and museum of the Grand Lodge of Virginia as the Allen E. Roberts Masonic Library and Museum in 1994.

Born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island on October 11, 1917, Allen served in World War II aboard the U.S.S. Alabama and L.S.T. 877. Upon his discharge from the U.S. Navy in 1946 he settled in Highland Springs, Virginia, where he became active in Freemasonry.

Among the positions he held in Masonry were:

  • Past Master of Babcock Lodge No. 322, Highland Springs, Virginia

  • Past District Deputy Grand Master

  • Past Deputy Grand Secretary

  • Past District Deputy Grand High Priest

  • Past Master and Secretary of Virginia Research Lodge No. 1777

  • Charter Master of Civil War Lodge of Research No. 1865, Virginia

  • Past High Priest of Temple Chapter No. 32 (Now Richmond Chapter No. 3)

  • Former (20 years) Chairman of the Fraternal Relations Committee of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Virginia and its Fraternal Reviewer

  • Past President and Executive Secretary of the Philalethes Society

  • Past Grand Master (1990-1991) of the Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America

  • Past Grand Chancellor of the Grand College of Rites of the United States

As a result of his work in these groups and his active participation in Masonic research lodges, Allen produced a widely varied series of books over the course of thrity five years:

  • Freemasonry in Highland Springs  (1962)

  • Sword and Trowel  (1964)

  • Masonry Under Two Flags  (1968)

  • Key to Freemasonry's Growth  (1969)

  • Freemasonry's Servant: The First Fifty Years in the History of the Masonic Service Association  (1969)

  • Shedding Light on Leadership  (1969)

  • How to Conduct a Leadership Seminar  (1970)

  • Fifty Golden Years  (1972)

  • The Craft and Its Symbols  (1975)

  • G. Washington: Master Mason  (1976)

  • Brotherhood in Action  (1977)

  • Chronicle of Virginia Research Lodge  (1978)

  • Frontier Cornerstone  (1980)

  • Freemasonry in American History  (1985)

  • Brother Truman  (1985)

  • The Diamond Years  (1987)

  • The Search for Leadership  (1987)

  • Seekers of Truth  (1988)

  • The Mystic Tie  (1991)

  • Masonic Lifeline  (1992)

  • Masonic Trivia and Facts  (1994)

  • House Undivided  (1996)

  • House Reunited  (1996)

  • Freemasonry and Democracy: Its Evolution in North America  (1997)

Also interested in motion pictures, Allen produced a number of films--often dealing with Freemasonry--as well as four plays. He founded two companies, Imagination Unlimited! and Anchor Communications, the second of which continues to be operated by his family.

Allen was married for fifty years to Dorothy Marie Grimes and had five children: Allen, Wayne, Kenneth, Brian, and Marcia Lynne Roberts Weber. In return they gave him five grand- children and ten great grandchildren.


House Undivided                             House Reunited

(1996)                                            (1996)

Books by Allen E. Roberts

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