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2010 Masonic Symposium in San Francisco, California

2010 Masonic Symposium

San Francisco, California

Masonry, Military

and the Emergence of

American Democracy


In 2010 the Grand Lodge of California hosted the tenth in an ongoing series of conferences on Freemasonry. Symposium details are shown below.Editor

This symposium presented a portrait of Masonry around the time of the American Revolution -- including how it influenced American military leaders, why it was criticized by Thomas Jefferson, and how the fraternal experience changed after the war.

The symposium addressed:

How did military lodges unite America's elites?

Henry Wilson Coil Lecturer Dr. Steven C. Bullock, professor of United States history at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and author of "Revolutionary Brotherhood: Freemasonry and the Transformation of the American Social Order, 1730-1840."

Why did Jefferson argue that Masonry was incompatible with a healthy democracy?

Matthew Crow, doctoral candidate in American history at the University of California, Los Angeles and co-developer of UCLA course "Freemasonry, Civil Society, and American Democracy."

How did England's loss in the American Revolution change the Masonic experience abroad?

Dr. Jessica L. Harland-Jacobs, associate professor at the University of Florida and author of "How did military lodges change after the American Revolution?"

The symposium concluded with a panel discussion on Masonry, military, and the emergence of American democracy.

The 2010 Symposium

June 5, 2010

San Francisco Scottish Rite Center

2850 19th Avenue, San Francisco, California

Sponsored by Grand Lodge of California

The Previous Masonic Symposium was at UCLA in 2009

See that full article here.

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