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New studies related to Freemasonry have been started at UCLA, funded by the Grand Master Adamson Project. This has the exciting potential to identify actual Masonic history and its contributions to society. Most Worshipful Larry L. Adamson, Grand Master of California, speaks here about the new UCLA studies.Editor

I am honored to share momentous news with you. Our Grand Lodge has commenced an important and transformational partnership. In the name of Freemasonry and our noble heritage, we are sealing an alliance with one of the most respected academic establishments in the world. By doing so, we break new ground in California.

A Partnership to Advance the Study and Understanding of Freemasonry

The 2008-2009 Grand Master’s project funds a scholarly partnership between the Masonic Grand Lodge of California and the University of California, Los Angeles.

The research and study supported by the Grand Master’s project will align with the most serious scholarship on Freemasonry in the world today, dispelling myths about our fraternity and revealing our proud heritage in factual, research-based terms.

Dr. Margaret C. Jacob, Distinguished Professor of History and one of the world’s foremost Masonic scholars, will play a leading role. Dr. Jacob’s work provides important insight into the early development of Freemasonry, demonstrating how Masonic values and tenets shaped countries and civil societies around the world, and helped develop the constitutional democracy that forms the very foundation of the United States.

In my travels this past year, it has become clear that this project addresses one of our fraternity’s most urgent and compelling needs. There is a vast discrepancy today in the world’s perception of Freemasonry and the reality of our history and our significance. I truly believe that this project will help bridge that gap. Rather than passively allowing others to define us in their own – often, misguided – terms, we will honor our legacy by actively defining Freemasonry to the world.

We must support dedicated academic research that lifts the “veil of secrecy” from our fraternity and reveals the influential role we have played – and continue to play – in the history of countries around the globe.

We have raised more than $500,000 thus far, but for this project to accomplish all that it can, we still have a long way to go. Many of you have asked me how you can lend your support to this critical project. This is your opportunity. To participate, visit freemason.org and select contribute/give online.

For many of us, explaining what Freemasonry has contributed to the world is a complex and personally significant topic. Please join Lynn and me in helping all of us – our own brotherhood, and the world at large – better understand the depth and breadth of our fraternity’s contributions. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and support.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Larry L. Adamson
Grand Master


A letter from MW Grand Master Larry L. Adamson dated 3 August 2009.

Ninth Annual California Masonic Symposium held at UCLA on 2 May 2009....



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