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Allen Price, Brother and Mason

Civil War soldiers - Union and Confederate

Allen Price

Brother and Mason

33° Scottish Rite

(1929 - 2010)

On Monday, April 12 about 1 pm, Allen Price went to a Grander Lodge.  It seems that the Great Architect needed his help to straighten out a few things, and no one else would do. Loved, missed, and remembered with a smile by all of us who knew him, he was the life of the party, and the heart of the lodge.

Older brother Fred Price is still our link to the Illustrious Mason he referred to in lodge as Brother Brother. Wife Helene moved heaven and earth to keep him with us a bit longer, which led Allen to declare in recent days, "She's wonderful.!"  His other brothers are countless, and we are among them.

-- Editor

33rd degree Mason

Home Lodge


Allen was born in Chicago on February 24, 1929, and came out to California in the 1940s. He served in the Army, was honorably discharged in 1946, and married Helene eight years later. They soon had two sons, Anthony and David.

Along the way, he and brother Fred started Fred-Allen Draperies, a craft that Allen then parlayed into a movie industry career. He worked on furnishing the sets for Around the World in 80 Days, The Russians are Coming, and many other movies. 

Long active in Scottish Rite Masonry, he was the first Secretary for the newly founded San Fernando Valley Scottish Rite, and was made a 33rd degree Mason. He also served as President of the Masonic Service Bureau in Los Angeles. For 22 years Allen was the Secretary of Home Lodge No. 721, and regarded by many as Mr. Home Lodge.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give . . . and in the giving we are become legacy....  We are Allen Price’s legacy, every single member of Home Lodge. Each one of us has some small part of him, some memory, some effect, and the effect of his presence on our lives is important.

-- Steven L. Eberhardt  P.M.



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