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Masonic education

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Masonic Education

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Freemasonry is often hailed as the oldest fraternity in the world, and brings with it an incredibly rich and diverse heritage of rites and degrees, symbols and jewels, history and people. Masonic education is the continuing exploration of all those things as a way of increasing a Mason's enjoyment of the brotherhood and heritage around him today.

Craft lodges are the leaders in Masonic education, with various research lodges providing support in terms of newsletters, new and historic papers on many subjects, and sometimes even speakers to enrich the lodge brothers' experiences.

Many Grand Lodges provide research lodges as a source of materials to support Masonic education. The United Grand Lodge of England created the ancient and respected Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076. The Grand Lodge of California created the Southern California Research Lodge, Northern California Research Lodge, and El Camino Research Lodge. Research lodges tend to find their own niche, so it is worthwhile to look into them and join the one that provides what you need. The Southern California Research Lodge is now believed to be one of the largest such lodges in the world.

Rites and Degrees

The rites and degrees of Freemasonry are experienced by each brother as he comes up through the lodge. Yet each is so intricately woven with symbols, allegories, names and words from another age that they may seem mystifying at first. In fact, it is through Masonic education that these rites and degrees become the "gifts that keep on giving." The lessons in life that they give to us keep getting better as we come to understand more about them.

Symbols and Jewels

This is one of the richest treasure troves of Freemasonry. Many intricate symbols adorn the lodge, Masons' aprons, hats, rings, badges, books and documents. Each has its own meaning, conveying some bit of Masonic lore. Masonic jewels are resplendent with the appearance of gold, rare gems, and masterful engravings. They also play a role in continuing the Masonic heritage.

History and People

Freemasonry not only lays claim to being the world's oldest fraternity, but also its largest. Masonry's colorful and rich history is filled with events such as the American Revolution, and people such as Scottish poet Robbie Burns, English architect Christopher Wren, American president George Washington, and French author Voltaire. This is a treasure trove for Masons seeking to enjoy and experience more of their heritage.

Other Sources

There are many other sources for Masonic education, including these groups around the world:

Canonbury Masonic Research Centre

The Centre for Research into Freemasonry

The Philalethes Society

Scottish Rite Research Society

Masonic Education

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