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Table Lodge and Festive Board

Table Lodge and Festive Board

Table Lodge

and Festive Board

A growing number of Masonic Lodges are adding the tradition of an annual Table Lodge and Festive Board as a way to bring some more interest and excitement to the gatherings held for their brothers each year. This was covered in some detail by the article "Consider a Table Lodge and Festive Board" by Sanford Holst in the August issue of the Southern California Research Lodge newsletter. Additional information and links are provided here to aid and assist brothers looking into this intriguing mixture of brotherhood and ritual.

The article noted:

"The due form of these Table Lodges has evolved over time, but a landmark in its evolution came in 1989 when R.W. John Mauk Hilliard produced “A Festive Board and Table Lodge for the Gentle Craft” based on his research of existing materials on Masonic Table Lodges. This seems to have now became a standard source for Table Lodge ritual in the USA. The Masonic Service Association has published an excellent small book on this work titled “Masonic Feasts, Banquets and Table Lodges” (available from SCRL for $3.00). About ten Grand Lodges in the USA have adopted some form of table lodge ritual or guidelines, while the rest allow lodges to use the MSA booklet or similar guides. A listing of the Table Lodge ritual used by Burbank Lodge No. 406 is available from their website."

For R.W. John Mauk Hilliard see bio here.

For the Masonic Service Association see MSA here.

For the MSA book see available from SCRL here.

The Grand Lodges reported to have some form of table lodge guidelines are Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Vermont, Iowa, Maine,  Connecticut, Nebaraska, New Hampshire and New Jersey.

For the Burbank Lodge see Table Lodge ritual here.

The author noted:

"As organizer of the Southern California Research Lodge speakers program, I was invited to be the guest speaker at Wor. Warren’s Table Lodge. Fortunately everyone drank several toasts before I spoke, at which point they would have applauded anything, so all was well."

Holst speaks at Santa Monica-Palisades Table Lodge

Table Lodge



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Table Lodge

Table Lodge and Festive Board table arrangement

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Table Lodge and Festive Board