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Nadia's Story

Grand Hailing Sign

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Saving a Child's Life

Bob Borden, Past Master of Home Lodge No. 721 in California, learned this true story at a local school while conducting the Masonic Public School Program.

Just before the outbreak of WW II,  Nadia,  aged 14,  lived with her sister, mother and Mason father in a prestigious neighbor- hood in Egypt. At the beginning of the war the family lost all their money and possessions. Being Jewish in this place and time was very dangerous. Her mother and sister were able to come to America and settle in California. Nadia was so upset at being left behind that she decided to join the Hagannah and run guns to what was then Palestine.

One day when Nadia was out running guns, the Egyptian Chief of Police came to their home to arrest both Nadia and her father. The police chief recognized the father as a classmate from years before and decided that this must be a mistake, so they sat down to a nice cup of tea, after which he left. When Nadia returned, her father told her of the 'visit' from the police chief. Nadia then confessed her illegal activity to her father and showed him the guns that she had stored in her bedroom.

He immediately took her to the town square and started to give the Grand Hailing Sign. A Mason he did not know stopped to help, and gave Nadia to someone else with instructions to get her out of the country now. She was successfully smuggled out of Egypt, and eventually wound up in France. After the war, Nadia was reunited with her father, and both immigrated to Israel. Some time later, she came to America, where she lived for another 50 years. She died last year in California.

Nadia’s life was saved because of one very brave Mason who took his vows very seriously. Had he been caught, he would have been arrested and probably executed, even though he did not know either Nadia or her father.

Remember that brotherly love and relief are more than just words. These are principles to live by.


The Masonic Public School Program conducted by Home Lodge No. 721 provides annual scholarships and recognition to students from local schools who show exemplary moral character and the desire to help others. Similar programs are held at other Masonic lodges.


Monthly Bulletin article by Bob Borden, Home Lodge No. 721, May 2010; published online by Sanford Holst on, 18 May 2010.

The photo above shows Teresita Tapia receiving her scholarship from, at right, Bob Borden and Steve Eberhardt, Worshipful Master.

If you pass this piece of history on to others, please credit the sources.

Nadia's story, grand hailing sign, brothers helping children


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Nadia's story

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