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Knight Templar medals

Knights Templar medal

Knights Templar Medals,

the Tully Legacy

Posted August 12, 2011

Updated September 16, 2011

Sir Knight L. D. Tully was born in 1882 and served as Knights Templar Commander in Missouri. He had no sons or grandsons, so the items seen here came to his granddaughter, who is now 80 years of age. 

She offered those keepsakes on this site, looking for someone who would appreciate this knightly legacy. A brother from Arkansas bought the pieces from her, and she donated the proceeds to Shriners hospitals in her grandfather's name.

The images and descriptions are still here for you to enjoy.

The Knights Templar sword specially made for L.D. Tully includes a finely etched blade and matching golden scabbard.

The ornate scabbard includes appropriate rings for attaching it to a Knights Templar belt or sash, as well as for mounting the sword on a wall display

The blade is etched with numerous images and designs reflecting its Knights Templar heritage. The manufacturer's mark of authenticity is also shown.

This sepia-colored photograph of Sir Knight L. D. Tully was made roughly 100 years ago when he served as Eminent Commander. He is shown holding his sword and wearing some of his medals.

Sir Knight L. D. Tully

This Knights Templar medal reflects the carefully-crafted work that reminds us of the long-standing traditions of the Knights Templar Order.

Tully was also a Shriner, and was presented with these wonderfully detailed medals. They reflect the images and symbols of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

There are few things that attract as much attention and interested discussion as having a beautiful heirloom such as one of these. And it keeps a legacy alive.

Inquiries can be sent to:

Proceeds will be donated to Shriners hospitals.

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Templar swords

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